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Terms and Conditions

"The cost of any purchased item, as well as any and every fee incurred is the responsibility of the client. No merchandise cost is included in our rates."

"Unless previously agreed upon, all services require a minimum of one hour, and you will be billed in 30-minute increments thereafter until the task is completed."

"Travelling time, mileage and other expenses will be agreed upon prior to the beginning of service."

"We will never exchange or sell our client's information to outside sources without our client's consent. Discretion will be strictly adhered to by us and all subcontractors. Vendors will be provided with only the information required to complete a specific task."

"We are not responsible for any damages caused by a pet. We will not be held liable for any damages caused by any third party vendors. We will only leave any items at your office or home if no one is there to accept by receiving your written consent to do so."

"If we cannot gain access to the client's residence or place of business, the client will be charged a US $25 cancellation fee."

"Payment is due upon completion of services. We accept cash and checks. A US $25 fee will be assessed for any returned checks. We may require new clients to pay for services in advance."

"A 24-hour notice is required to cancel a scheduled service. Failure to provide a 24-hour notice will result in a US $25 cancellation fee."

"Our service hours can be purchased in the form of gift certificate. The gift certificate has an expiration date 6 months from the date of purchase. No refunds for unused time."

In appreciation for you to recommend us to your friends, we will:

• Offer a 10% DISCOUNT to the NEW CLIENT you refer on the first job he orders and

• Offer YOU ONE HOUR of FREE SERVICE for each new client referred, after the service is completed.

We do not provide any services that are illegal.